Hi! This is us


Ivanka and Rebecca - friends for more than 20 years. Ivanka is our creative head, Rebecca is a loving dog mom. Together they are a real Munich power duo. On a cold, rainy day we had a coffee date, talked about God and the world and finally got around to walking on such uncomfortable days.

"Don't you actually get cold hands walking your dog in this weather?"

All searches came to nothing, a suitable product for warm hands when walking there is not. Except, of course, normal gloves, with which one has but usually the leash not really grippy in the hand and which also offer little freedom of movement for the fingers. 

"It's hard to believe, when every dog owner spends so much time spends so much time outdoors with his furry nose
- in wind and weather."

Thus the idea for MYCOZY was born - a hand warmer for dog leashes. We didn't want to give it away after the first tests and hope that it will make many more dog lovers happy.   

Our models Buddy, Molly and Lucky are just the beginning - in our heads are just many more ideas, how we can make the life of mistress and master so much more pleasant and thus also the associated pelt-noses a bit happier. Happy dog, happy life.